8 Tweaks to Improve Your Online Reputation Management

8 Tweaks to Improve Your Online Reputation Management

Do people talk about your products/services?

To know it is like a walkover in the world, where everyone is being wired. Facebook, Instagram and even, Google would have the reviews and feedbacks intertwined with your brand. You just tap them to discover about your reputation.

A good online reputation management is about tapping on what customers opine about your product/service, react to all if it requires and make sure that the reaction would come at the right time. Sometimes, some trivial issues do not necessarily require any prompting. But if the matter is really critical, do respond quickly.

Here are some tweaks to improve your online reputation:

1. Talk, Talk, Talk!
Social networks can take your brand to the whimsical heights. People come out in force to tweet about your latest product on Twitter. Facebook is buzzing about the latest happening. So, you cannot afford to skip this extraordinary social platform. It has such voices, opinions and reviews that can let you take the stage by storm.

2. Transparency- easier said than done!
Do you stay tuned with your online community? If you think it’s risky, think again. Won’t it be riskier to lose some loyal ones by blindfolding to what their concerns are about your product? Certainly, it can cause an irreparable dent. For being unheard, your customer-base may shrink.
However, being opened up has a downside also. But, you can take it as an upside. Go through whatever has been said. Pinpoint the pain point and improve it.

How can you bring transparency?
• Run online surveys about your products and services.
• One-on-one is a good way to hear your customer’s pain points.
• Ask for feedbacks.
• Open up to criticism, negative feedbacks and address their issues.

3. Proactively monitor
Do you monitor what goes on your website regularly? If you don’t do, start doing it today. This practice will timely inform you about a specific event to deal with. There are some online reputation management tools that can assist you with this monitoring. Besides, the free monitoring can you’re your day with Google Alert.

This is how you can round up public online reactions, which you can filter under negative and positive feedbacks.

4. What negative reviews to react at
A negative feedback is what comprises a complaint and some online reputation bombs in the search engine, which are shelled for damaging your brand’s reputation. These bombs can minimize your sale over time, and hence, steer you to bankruptcy. Unlike social media comments, they are crucial and worthy to attend.

You should politely react against the complaint being lodged online. Simply tell that you are aware and taking necessary steps to counter the problem. Very soon, the convenience will be reinforced.

5. Invite public opinions
When distinguish criticisms do not let you stay away from, ask your pan online community to come with their suggestions and implications. It’s like asking a question on Quora, where hundreds of homebodies, social butterflies and experts answer. I hope it will be more than enough to get the way out of a controversy.

6. Google is your trump card
Certainly, Google is the first thing that pops when it comes to seek information about anything. It implies the significance and trustworthiness associated with this leading search engine. Now, consider a scenario wherein your products are preceded by # fake or # cheap. It is something that you should worry about.

You can check these options:
Aggressive SEO: It is no different than implementing SEO tweaks. The only difference is in the result and turnaround time. Observe which high authority websites are talking about your brand/ product/ service in a wrong way. Employ search marketing strategies to embed some positive reviews or content with your brand name.
• Report for negative review: Upon monitoring, you can easily identify the authenticity of the negative reviews. If they are deliberately published to bring a bad name to your brand, you can lodge a complaint with the Facebook or Google or wherever they are posted. It will immediately take an action, removing those slangs or negative reviews.
• Report for cyber scam:There are some malicious attempts that are carried out to damage your online reputation. The scammers can attack through emails, data cross-indexing and other techniques. If it seems untraceable, just inform the cyber cell. It will take necessary actions.

7. Do not hide comments

Some organisations often bar its community from placing their complaints and negative comments. While doing so, they forget that there are some extremely loyal ones. Such bitter experience often promotes some malicious minds to adopt some illegal ways, like phishing and malware in order to hack that site. So, do not prevent people from commenting.

8. Take action against repo-breakers

Have you heard of the wolf in sheep’s clothing? Some internal staff-members often show their grudge through negative videos and negative branding. A very famous pizza brand’s staff member published some negative videos. The search reputation management tools can help you to identify such things over the internet. Work on such instances by taking some stringent actions.

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