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Discover the most cost-effective and all trending services for your online business or products. Our all offerings are available at a competitive price that can let you afford them easily. For customized services, we are here to talk and discuss pricing corresponding to selected technology solutions.

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Resources Policy

Maximising Security and Compliance to Safeguard Company Resources

The use of resources provided by Eminenture refers to using the entire or part of our, our digital products, logos, content, images, banners, and complimentary services. These are all governed by IT resources policy.


a. This policy is applicable to all employees/customers/ contractors of Eminenture and Eminenture Technologies. It is mandatory for all users to abide by the provisions of this policy.
b. Each user shall be responsible for ensuring compliance with the provisions of this policy.
c. The implementing department (IT team) would provide necessary technical assistance to the users in this regard.

Roles and Responsibilities

These roles are required for governing & regulating our IT resources:

a. Administration

The official selected for this task shall be responsible for managing IT resources. These resources are deployed for the use of the entire user base under their respective domain.

b. Competent Authority

This can be any IT or non-IT professional identified as suitable for this role. He would be the executing body also. His overall responsibility is concerned with the security of the organisation’s information. In the interest of the security of the network services, Eminenture Technologies recommends using a secure network to access our server or network
Here, we/ our/ours/ our organisation refers to Eminenture/Eminenture Technologies. By users, we mean employees, contractors, vendors, or any website visitor. Competent authority and concerned departments are the authoritative departments or persons recruited by Eminenture or our subsidiary organizations.

Access to Internet and Intranet

Our IT team shall register users with the client system. The user shall get through one-time approval from the competent authority before connecting the client system to the Eminenture Technologies’ network.
a. Our organisation maintains two independent networks, i.e. Internet and Intranet. Both the networks do not have any physical connection/devices between them. Users in such deployments shall have two access points. One shall be connected to the internet and the other to the intranet (internal server). Our privacy policy shall implement on both networks. It is to prevent unauthorized access to data.
b. Users shall not carry out any activity through any website or applications to bypass filtering of the network or perform any other unlawful acts that may harm the network’s performance or security.

Access to Eminenture Technologies Wireless Networks

For connecting to our wireless network, the user shall have to abide by these terms and conditions:

a. The user shall register the access device and authenticate usage from the competent authority before connecting the access device to our wireless network.
b. Wireless client systems and wireless devices shall not be allowed to connect to our wireless access points without due authentication.
c. It is recommended that users should avoid connecting their devices to unsecured wireless networks for ensuring security.

Filtering and Blocking of Sites

a. Our competent authority may block content over the Internet which is in violation of the relevant provisions of the IT Act 2000 and other applicable laws or which may threaten the security of our network.
b. We may also block content that, in our opinion, is inappropriate or may adversely affect the productivity of the users.

Monitoring and Privacy

We shall have the right to audit networks and systems at regular intervals. Our IT team may access, review, copy or delete any kind of electronic communication or files stored on Eminenture Technologies’ owned/registered devices under intimation to the user to comply with the applicable laws. It covers files, e-mails, Internet history, etc.
Our IT team may monitor users’ online activities on our network, which is subject to such Standard Operating Procedures.

E-mail Access from Our Network

Users shall refrain from using private e-mail servers from our network. E-mail service authorized and implemented by us shall only be used for all official purposes. For personal correspondence, users may use the name-based e-mail id assigned to them officially on our authorized e-mail service.

Access to Social Media Sites from Our Network

a. Users shall have to comply with all the applicable provisions under the IT Act 2000 when posting any data related to our organisation on social networking sites.
b. Users shall have to stick to the “Terms of Use” of the relevant social media platform/website, as well as copyright, privacy, defamation, and other applicable laws.
c. Users shall report any suspicious incident as soon as possible to the competent authority, such as the IT team.
d. Users shall always be on high-security settings while being on social networking sites.
e. Users are abandoned to post any material that is offensive, threatening, breach copyright, defamatory, hateful, harassing, bullying, discriminatory, racist, sexist, or is otherwise unlawful in respect of our company.
f. Users shall not share, disclose or use any confidential information obtained in their capacity as an employee/contractor of the organization.
g. Users shall not comment or post anything derogatory that might otherwise cause damage to the organization’s reputation.

Use of IT Devices Issued by Our Company

IT devices under this case include desktops, laptops, storage devices, portable devices, external storage media, peripherals etc.. These delivered to users from the company shall be primarily used for our own purposes. It shall be used lawfully and in ethical ways while following the guidelines defined by our company.

Policy Compliance

a. All users shall execute appropriate controls for complying with this policy. They shall support in this regard.
b. A periodic reporting mechanism is here maintained to ensure that the compliance shall be established by the competent authority of our organization.
c. Our organization shall ensure the resolution of all incidents related to the security aspects raised by users.
d. Competent authority here shall ensure that training and awareness programs on the use of IT resources are hosted at regular intervals. Implementing authority shall provide the requisite support in this regard.
e. Users shall not install any network/security device on the network/server without consulting or getting permission from our authorised personnel.

Policy Dissemination

The competent authority (IT team and administration) of our organization should properly disseminate this policy.
Competent authority may use newsletters, banners, bulletin boards, communication platforms, etc. to aware users of this policy.
Induction programs for new employees shall include a session on this policy.

Security Incident Management Process

a. A security incident refers to any event or happening that can adversely impact the availability, integrity, confidentiality, and authority of our organization’s data.
b. Eminenture Technologies reserves the right to deactivate/remove any device from the network seeming a threat to the organization’s network. It can lead to the compromise of our server system.
c. Any security incident noticed must immediately be informed to the competent authority, i.e. Administration and IT team here.

Release of Logs

a. Notwithstanding anything as aforesaid or the disclosure of logs relating to or contained in any IT Resource, to Law Enforcement agencies and other organizations shall be considered the breaching of the IT Act 2000 and other applicable laws.
b. We shall neither accept nor act on the request from any employee or user for the surveillance or release of logs.

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property refers to our resources, which is subject to protection under privacy, publicity, or other personal rights and intellectual property rights, including but not limited to, copyrights and laws protecting patents, trademarks, trade secrets, or other proprietary information.


In the case of a security breach of our systems or network from the resources being used by a user, the resources being used may be deactivated immediately by the concerned department. Afterward, the concerned user and the competent authority of that organization shall be informed.

Audit of IT Infrastructure

The security audit of our IT infrastructure has been and shall be conducted periodically by certified agencies called ISO & NASSCOM. The auditing ensures that no outsider uses our network and resources in any manner that violates, dilutes, misappropriates, or breaches network security.

Review Resources

We reserve all rights to review and integrate future changes in this policy. The changes can be made at the request of the auditing agency and our internal concerned departments. We keenly observe instances and patch them up timely for seamless services and long-life of resources.

Resources are Valuable

Our Resources Policy makes every resource of our organisation valuable. It ensures proper access to and usage of Eminenture Tech’s resources. No misuse is acceptable here.

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