Discover the most cost-effective and all trending services for your online business or products. Our all offerings are available at a competitive price that can let you afford them easily. For customized services, we are here to talk and discuss pricing corresponding to selected technology solutions.

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We’re technology-based strategists and solutions providing next-level IT/BPM company. With the highly professional 200+ domain experts, we define a smooth digital journey where online presence, digital promotions, creatives, and transformation attract limitless opportunities in no time.

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We're a technology-based company. Innovation-driven transition defines us.

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Fly high to have a progressive career, where perks & praise build your future.

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Get deep with what's going around in the technology-driven corporate world.

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Eminenture Technologies lets you discover advanced digital technologies for your business. Our web suite, internet marketing, digital creatives, and managed IT services offer end-to-end support, which is required for NEXT BUSINESS.

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Our Packages

Discover the most cost-effective and all trending services for your online business or products. Our all offerings are available at a competitive price that can let you afford them easily. For customized services, we are here to talk and discuss pricing corresponding to selected technology solutions.

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Facebook Marketing Services

Grow Your Business Engagement upto 70% with Quality Marketing

Facebook is a social media where people, groups and communities form. They share, like, click and comment. This is where opportunities lie for you. You can reach engage with multiple demographics to onbaord customers in no time. Eminenture Technologies can assist you on this. You can have one of the many ways to market products here. We define the most feasible one. It proves the right-fit for your products and services.

With inbound strategy, we help you to relate with your customers. For this, a complete understanding of your goals and lags should be there. We spend time on studying your account's insights and analytics. This effort pays off. We get some really impressive ideas about engaging leads & push them to convert. Our social media marketing experts form an authentic relationship with the groups & communities there. This let them share a high quality content that helps them heal or find solutions. This is how we find the most interested ones to convert easily.

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Facebook Marketing

Full-Funnel Engagement

Of all digital platforms, Facebook is the only one that offers services at any stage of user journey. You can run PPC campaigns. We align their format, keywords targeting, & other capabilities with digital marketing or SEO strategies. This equally proves effective when the user is at the awareness stage or conversion. Our objective is to create interest to such extent that they research for them later. Simply put, you have more customers who invest in your products/services. You maximize returns and also grow.

Unlimited Transparency

It's the most transparent platform. We select an audience for targeting. Our experts control its likes, impressions, & visibility etc. as per segmented audience. You may see the segments. We draw ideas on whom to target from your account’s insights of your account. However, people buy likes and followers. But we avoid following this black hat strategy. Instead, we continue to testing and refining our strategies. It certainly requires making hypothesis. We do it to see what segment proves a better performer. This is how your campaign on Facebook runs successfully.

Increase Traffic & Conversion

Facebook posts or content can guide your traffic to your website. These users are likely to be interested in your call-to-action (CTA). It's simply because they voluntarily decided to click and visit the URL. Once landed, we expose them to direct marketing forms, CTA and more browsing of your website. With an interesting internal linking strategy, we come out as a winner. This is how the traffic on your website turns higher. So is the visibility and page rank. With it, we attract more leads and improve your conversion rate.


Appealing Offerings with FB Marketing

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Cases We Did

Here is the rundown of the global cases that we addressed by introducing technology-driven changes.

NRI Consultant Got Traffic & Leads

NRI Consultant Got Traffic & Leads

The NRI consultant was struggling to get visibility & more traffic. Our SEO strategy proved right-fit for his business & leads generated.

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An Aesthetic Clinic Got Organic Traffic

An Aesthetic Clinic Got Organic Traffic

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Beauty Clinic Won Top Rank in SERPs

Beauty Clinic Won Top Rank in SERPs

A dermatologist was searching for more patients. We redefined his web journey by optimizing web pages & leads started coming.

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Castle Renting Became Profitable

Castle Renting Became Profitable

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Google Ads Attracted Conversions

Google Ads Attracted Conversions

A cosmetic clinic in Australia came with an intention of the instant flow of leads to his website. We ran Google adverts and it worked.

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Psychiatrist Gone Visible in Searches

Psychiatrist Gone Visible in Searches

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Frequently Asked Question

What is SEO in marketing?

SEO or search engine optimization is an organic process of attaining visibility on SERPs for a website. With on-page optimization, all flaws related to URLs, content, internal linking, tags, etc. are eliminated. It improves your mobile and web uploading speed up to +80%, which allows online traffic to smoothly explore the website. This is how the traffic spends time there and search engine bots catch up signals to rank it up. This is how we achieve top ranking on SERPs for your website, which is an organic way of boosting leads, engagement, and returns.

Why do you need SEO services?

SEO or search engine optimization services are all about increasing the visibility, traffic, and thereby, the ranking of your website. Without it, you can hardly reach out to desirable traffic. It involves a thorough web auditing to find out technical flaws like broken URLs, irrelevant tags, links, missing ALT & hashtags, no schema design & sitemap, irrelevant content, and many other missing links. The optimization services help in overcoming these all technical flaws to improve the visibility, traffic, and ranking of the website. Once done, the website starts getting noticed and increased traffic helps it to rank under 10. It brings hundreds of opportunities via online leads generation and conversions.

How do you start with SEO services?

Certainly, SEO services involve a lot of technical things to do. It starts with end-to-end website auditing to determine existing SEO strategy, keyword research, and then, on-page optimization. Simultaneously, Google Analytics setup, schema design, internal linking, URL optimization, robot.txt file creation, XML site map, image optimization, title & meta tags, URL analysis, canonicalization, & Google penalty removal are all-inclusive in these services.

How do I discover SEO ROI?

You can measure the increase in organic traffic, leads, and sales generated. And then, discover the conversion of the organic leads or inquiries. Finally, compare it to the total cost of the SEO campaign to determine the final returns or ROI.

How much does SEO cost?

It will be based on your website services or products, and the number of keywords selected. To get more clarification, you may visit our SEO packages & discover the cost. It can be customised in accordance with your requirement.

Can I change my SEO package later?

Yes, you may change. But, the change won’t be applicable unless you re-request the SEO package. However, there are certain terms and conditions that you have to abide by. To get off any confusion, you must read the terms and conditions in the agreement thoroughly.

How long does SEO take to work?

Please do not expect an overnight miracle. Slowly and steadily, SEO naturally benefits with leads, inquiries, and promotion for a long time. You can leverage organic visibility and traffic even if you give up on SEO activities. However, it completely depends on the type of business, as it takes as low as 3-4 months. But, the SEO efforts put in for 12 months resulted in desirable to overwhelming results.

Does SEO need to be done monthly?

Yes, it’s really necessary to keep on doing SEO activities for achieving and consistently retaining the top ranking on SERPs. In most cases, it takes four months to 12 months for improving and attaining visibility. Once it’s done, the inquiries continue to come in. If it’s paused, the result would be steady. Your web ranking will go down and the number of inquiries will be low. In short, your revenue will decrease.

Is it worth paying for SEO services?

Of course, it’s worth paying. You can examine the top-ranking website, as to how long they have been investing in search engine optimization services. Spending year over year on it certainly increases the count of inquiries, leads, or calls. The consistency of SEO activities is necessary for achieving overwhelming revenues.

How much should I spend on SEO a month?

It is completely your choice. However, the SEO packages are already defined on our website. For a startup, it’s better to go with the basic SEO plan. Over time when your online reputation is built, leverage this opportunity by preferring a search engine marketing plan for faster lead generation, visibility, and overwhelming traffic. For an existing company, it’s completely a matter of goals. If you want to achieve quick leads or visibility, go with ads. Otherwise, SEO provides outstanding results that you can cash for a long time.

What happens if you stop SEO?

If you stop SEO, the ranking, traffic, and web visibility face the impact. All of them go down, which results in less number of inquiries. The leads will decrease, and your conversion rate would turn minimal.

Is SEO a long-term process?

Probably, it can be a long-term process. Initially, it takes a few days in optimizing your website. All pages are thoroughly examined and technically fixed as per Google’s guidelines. Then, the content is strategized for off page optimization. This tip helps in attracting backlinks for eCommerce or referral traffic for any business, which turns into leads and sometimes, conversions. This practice is a continuous process, which starts showing results in 4 months. Gradually, the outcome increases, which is visible through the overwhelming inquiries.

Our Approach

We define our approach around branding, engagement, and promotions of your products/ services on your facebook (FB).
  • Define Audience
    Define Audience

    The audience gives life to your branding & promotions on this social platform. We approach niche-based communities & groups to target with the content.

  • Set Goals
    Set Goals

    The next thing that we seriously think about is the goal. Focusing on it gives us clarity over what motive we have behind any campaign, and posts here.

  • Plan Content Mix
    Plan Content Mix

    To make every post engaging, we have to use a content mix for facebook marketing. It's a post consist of videos, images, links, hashtags, & tags, etc.

  • Optimize Posts
    Optimize Posts

    For attractive content, we need to transform images, & streamline pop-ups, etc. We find these elements via A/B testing &, then, improve for more views.

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