Tips to Create Backlinks for eCommerce Website

Want to witness a phenomenal rise in your eCommerce website traffic?

Do you think that a superb arrangement of amazing content in a highly optimized website can bring your site among the top 10 websites?

It can be possible, but you should share it where there is its niche. Let’s say, you sell only protein diet online. If you want a flood of relevant traffic to come in from, linking it with or won’t create any magic. Yours is a diet-based website. So, you should target gyms in your local area or the websites like, and The people after workout require it to get off exhaustion.

So! Which SEO techniques can pull in millions to billions of customers?

Catch its answer in these points:

  1. Identify your target niche:

It’s the most crucial step. A rough idea can spoil your entire SEO game. Your huge sum incurred on PPC can go futile as you start up in the dark.  Therefore, determining your niche is a foremost thing to do. Once you identify it, segregate your all products accurately under contextual category.

For example, you should group AI based smart devices separately from TV, Appliances & Electronics. If you would mash them up, promoting, let’s say Alexa Smart Home Device or Echo Plus, can prove an uphill battle online.

  1. Select offbeat websites:

The word Offbeat, here, stands for the outdated ones. You should sift through your niche-based websites that have recently retired. You can scan them with the ‘domain expired’ or ‘the site under-construction’.

A while ago, they might be dominating over the digital landscape. Thereby, they would have hundreds of backlinks that have a potential to swell up the traffic shortly.

  1. Parked pages: Sometimes, we overlook renewing our domain. Thereby, the website domain expires. However, the site is there with the parked pages.

Consequently, the entire active website emerges as a parked domain. It’s a web hosting booked for unsolicited services. It seems as if you have booked a domain name without service pages.

Now, the concern is to spot where they are.

If you think a broken link checker can do it, unfortunately, it can’t do so. Technically, its pages would be working. So, it’s not a walkover to track them.

Have a look over a few hacks that can help you out in this matter:

  • Move to the web hosting sites, like Go Daddy. They keep those parked domains safe. You don’t need to sift through the entire search engine. Go to the auction section wherein they keep such domains. Buy any of them.
  • Search for the related brand or business that winded up recently. You can jumble it up a few words like bankruptcy, closed company/business, rebranded as, out of business and wound up ventures etc.

Feed them in the search bar one by one. Unify it with the local area to get more specific results, like bankrupted airline in the UK.    

  • It’s the final step. You need to hire an SEO tool, like SEMrush or ahrefs. It can help you to churn out the website connected to the offbeat resources.

As you type in its website name, the tool will automatically showcase its details, like URL, domain authority, backlinks and referring domains.

If it seems a tough task to identify whether or not that domain is of your niche, take a look of its archive. It would have some clues. You can open those links and go through them thoroughly.

Now, you need to target them. Write up an effective mail to get unified with your website as a backlink.

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