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We’re technology-based strategists and solutions providing next-level IT/BPM company. With the highly professional 200+ domain experts, we define a smooth digital journey where online presence, digital promotions, creatives, and transformation attract limitless opportunities in no time.

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We're a technology-based company. Innovation-driven transition defines us.

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Eminenture Technologies lets you discover advanced digital technologies for your business. Our web suite, internet marketing, digital creatives, and managed IT services offer end-to-end support, which is required for NEXT BUSINESS.

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Discover the most cost-effective and all trending services for your online business or products. Our all offerings are available at a competitive price that can let you afford them easily. For customized services, we are here to talk and discuss pricing corresponding to selected technology solutions.

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Mobile App Development

Maximize Reach by 50x with More Savings via Tested Mobile Application

A mobile application has a global reach. Even a common man explores it for the best experience from his comfort zone. We let you have an extraordinary mobile application for your business that has a global reach. Our experts see beyond standards and create an ideal application journey. With it, you can run a complete business.

Our mobile app development company helps brands to have their own line of business on the app. We design and build superior mobile apps from India that let you define a seamless experience across all devices and platforms. Our offerings include end-to-end mobile app design, management and integration. We excel at every stage, from conceptualization to execution of your dream ideas. Our excellence merges our expertise with your requirements, which results in a soothing business experience. It is wherein you see no wrinkles in reaching and delivering the best user experience.

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Mobile App Development

User-centric Design

Our mobile app development aims at offering a valuable & meaningful experience. It involves some key concepts that we take into account. With a seamless user control, responsiveness, personalization and real-time interaction, the user loves to engage with. This happening makes you a winner. Their engagement shows their interest, which creates a possibility for conversion.

iOS Application

Apple products mean values and class. It is everyone’s favorite, which means that the number of possibilities here are endless. We let you convert them in your favour. You can have a wide range of people as your customers who use iPhones & iPads. This can easily happen with an iOS-based mobile application. We have expertise in creating the one flawlessly. However, it's indeed a robust platform where all applications have to pass through an acid test. Then only, it gets approval to publish there. We have a decade of experience in this domain. A number of professional grade iOS apps are named to us.

Android Applications

Android is on the top position in the mobile app market. The world's largest population use this platform via smartphones. Simply put, android is one of the operating systems that are used in the mobile technology. We tailor and manage android apps for your business. Our experts focus on its visual beauty and efficiency. Our team of android application development experts takes care of start-to-finish designing, development, security, backup, integration, and maintenance.

Cross Platform Compatibility

Cross-platform compatibility defines the smooth processing of your mobile app across different platforms. It ensures defining your reach to a wide audience, usually with utility applications. These are meant for masses. We write a feasible code that can smoothly run it over different platform for mobile application. It means that your application would be able to run on all existing mobile platforms using one source code. We ensure that your core requirements can be fulfilled with it in no time. Certainly, it's not easy. But with us, it becomes a smooth-going experience.

Security and Compliance

Our mobile application development services integrate security solutions. We focus on app security with the view of bettering the overall user experience. Moreover, we comply with all rules and regulations meant for the apps. With this happening, you win a scope to define a not-so-challenging app experience for users.


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Incorporate More Services to Enhance Your Mobile App Experience

Cases to Inspire

Discover how our expertise in application development proved phenomenal

Feedback System Created

Online Feedback System Created

We came with a simplified version of the complex feedback system in just 48 hours. The customer was completely satisfied.

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Site for Multidisciplinary Experts

Site for Multidisciplinary Experts

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Refined E-Distributorship for All

Refined E-Distributorship for All

We refined the old version into a seamless distributorship app, where retailers and mechanics got registered in thousands.

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Online Distributorship  Defined

Online Distributorship Defined

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B-Chain Hotels Shifted Online

B-Chain Hotels Shifted Online by Experts

A chain of hotels was created online for attracting more opportunities. Our web developers and designers did it well.

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Digital Promotions for Cosmetic Clinic

Digital Promotions for Cosmetic Clinic

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Frequently Asked Question

How much does it cost to build an app?

It is an expensive deal, which has different app packages. Generally, it may cost somewhere around $10K to $50K. We provide these app development services at an affordable price. You may consult with our experts or send an inquiry for discussing with us.

How should I choose a mobile app development platform?

You should specifically consider the device that majority of your target audience uses. If it’s android, let’s say, android app would be the best fit in this case to benefit your business. In addition, do find out your users’ expectations, the development cost, security implications, and experience of the company involved in mobile application development.

Is it difficult to create an app?

Certainly, it requires expertise to create an application. For an experienced developer, it’s not a challenging task. Sometimes, it may become difficult when any function is quite tricky, but you need it in urgency. Here at Eminenture Technologies, we deploy a dedicated application developer to focus on your requirements and deliver the application timely upon a thorough testing and debugging.

Do I get paid if people download my app?

No. It’s not the way your app attracts money or monetary benefits. Mostly users download it from Google Play or App Store, which offers free downloading. Only Amazon Underground pays if users start using your application.

What type of apps makes the most money?

There are mainly four applications, which are gaming, music, video streaming, and dating applications that maximize monetary benefits over time. For a specific business, ads can help you to make money over time, not immediately.

Why do apps fail?

The reason is simple-Its bad user experience. There are multiple features that should be there, smoothly running and keeping your website optimized. At Eminenture Technologies, we provide fully controlled and seamless applications so that you won’t face such situation any time.

Can I have a customized application?

Sure. You can have it. We have well-defined packages to select various components from. It clarifies what type of functionalities to include in accordance with business requirements.

How can I earn money using my app?

We help you to achieve this goal. However, there is no way, except for promotions to make money quickly through your application. Here, we support you by create a completely optimized application and help you to win ads for featuring there like right placement, prioritization, etc.

What is the difference between android apps and iOS apps?

iOS apps typically is a fast development process, which requires relatively lesser time, money, and Java or Kotlin to build this application. On the flip side, Apple's native apps use programming languages and thousands of dollars for an app. For further details, you may consult with our experts.

How long does it take to create an app?

It depends on the size of the project. Typically, the mobile app development takes 3 to 10 months to create a fully functional application for android or iOS apps platforms.

Our Approach

The three types of mobile applications require a dedicated approach for each one, which we prepare accordingly.
  • Determine

    Our approach pushes us to understand customer expectations and find feasibility. It helps in achieving feasibility in real-time for our global customers.

  • Find Platform
    Find Platform

    This step requires a different ideology, which can prove the best fit for a specific platform like iOS or Android. It is what the customer requests. We work on possibilities.

  • Make it Ready
    Make it Ready

    To make the application run smoothly, we need to make it ready for the platform. We come across all feasibilities that can make it adaptive to a platform.

  • Testing

    Finally, we define a testing approach to let it run smoothly in different setups and on different platforms. This certainly requires expertise to think exceptionally.

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