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Online Lead Generation Strategies That Ensure Organic Traffic

Getting online traffic is a big challenge. With a few simple SEO and digital marketing tips, you can win this challenge.  But first, you should know the aim, as what you are likely to achieve with it. Here are some common goals connected to generating leads:

Aim of lead generation

  • Familiarizing potential customer about the service or product pre-sale
  • Time, effort and money get saved
  • Increasing sales and hence, margin of profit
  • Branding through enhancing awareness
  • Expanding marketability
  • Winning dominance in the market
  • Marking niche in the dealing domain
  • Going through happier experience

It’s super delightful and fun to have a massive online traffic, which produces leads over time. You get leads, which are enquiries of interested parties that want to spend money in your products and services.

But, how can you onboard them?

It needs an expertise over how to make this magic happen. Many digital marketing ideas are all around. Which one will get well with your business?

Online Lead Generation Strategies

Here is the roundup of a few amazing online lead generation strategies that ensure organic traffic coming to your website:

  • Video Marketing

You need to create a marketing funnel using videos while building trust in customers. This funnel is very much similar to the content funnel, as the gist and the goal are ending up at leads. It’s like this:

Awareness Stage -> Consideration Stage -> Decision Stage -> Leads

This funnel is going to work by attracting potential customers, who start with getting familiar with your product. Right before they purchase, they learn something really interesting about your products and other related topics, which they are eager to know more about.

Over time, the information, which your videos consist of, works for growing confidence in your brand. People will start getting interested. You can improve the rate of interest over time by feeding such pieces of information that they are curious to find out.  This is an important part of lead generation services, which you cannot skip.

Furthermore, it would get ready to dig into mid funnel videos to know “why”. This is great at building trust. If everything goes well, the audience will move to the next level of the funnel that is a decision to raise a query.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimizing your website as per Google guidelines is the first and foremost thing that you need to get done. This is a great start, but you need to attract customers by putting content marketing strategies in place.

An awesome piece of content can make it all. Keep feeding your target audience with amazing information that has a close connection and millions of searches over the internet. However, videos can make a huge impact, engaging and retaining customers by offering valuable information related to what you serve.

But, low speed, broken URLs and wrong redirections, no responsive view and complicated navigation are a few prominent challenges that you need to remove in time. If you have a great blog, let’s say but, its broken link doesn’t let the traffic come in, you can never succeed in onboarding leads. It’s simply because the broken URL has interfered the smooth web journey of your traffic, which got stuck in the middle and bounced out.

Google Webmaster and Console can help you identify the errors in time. Besides, you can access many online tools to audit on-page optimisation for removing errors thereafter.

  • Pay per Click (PPC)

Click and win’- this actually happens in the PPC campaigning. The winner of the keyword bids gets place on the search result page under the tag Ads.

This is the middle of the paid campaign. You reach there after searching some valuable keywords that can earn traffic or leads (whatever is your goal). Short listing negative keywords, match type, long-tail keywords and optimizing the content of the ad as per Google Adwords standards are some crucial things that you need to explore in-depth.

Mapping quality score, adding ad extension & CTA, bid management and optimisation, landing page audit and corrections, A/B testing and then, conversion tracking are a few more substantial things that bring you closer to leads on-click.

  • Lead Generation Website

Many of the websites are strategically designed these days. Apart from its interactive interface, it asks for form submission in which the user is asked to fill up the requisite information. It automatically generates a database of the user to the company website account at the back of the stage.

This is how the customer database at the back-end gets automatically generated. You can deploy a contact center staff or calling experts to pitch the interested parties. Even, you can send newsletters to time over time for gathering information on what they want or expect.

  • Social Media Marketing

Apps and social media channels, especially Facebook and LinkedIn, are soaring high in terms of online campaigning. For example, Facebook is a social media platform where peer groups, kith and kin gossip or chit-chat and even, exchange their likes and dislikes.

Here, you can target that group which fits to your frame of products and services. If you are targeting college group, facebook ads for coaching centre and dress materials can get maximum of leads. And from LinkedIn, you win access card to all professionals where SEO services India, Data Management Services, Insurance Plans and blah, blah…ads can show miracle.

  • Creating Internet Meme and Podcast

Audio and video campaigning can cast much greater impact. You can hook audience through podcasts that are educative and informative.

Keep the content marketing funnel into account while creating audios and visuals. Start with attracting audience through informative and how-to podcasts. Gradually, it will start coming back over and over to listen to what you have to say. Make your information richer than ever so that it will trust you. Once you make it all, the leads will start coming your way.

Thus, audio and video content through viral videos, memes and short corporate films can generate millions of lead. Adding testimonials strengthens your ad campaign and sound more realistic. So, add them in the middle or at the end of your audio & video content.

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