What Makes An Online Banner Ad Great

What Makes An Online Banner Ad Great?

Do you have any plan for advertising your products online?

Not yet decided!

Be quick with your decisions. When you have no tweak going to work out, digital ads can offer you the best way to explain every good thing about your product and how it can make the difference in their lives.

Wanna know more about these ads? Let’s get started with what these are.

Online Banner Ads

Also known as display ads, online banners can be a better place to congest traffic on websites. Even, you can tell the story of your brand presence or launch, which would certainly raise click-through rates, purchases and leads.

Now, an experienced eCommerce developer can help you to choose high-visibility locations, which cannot be better than the front, the bottom or the side of the webpages. These are where digital marketers or advertisers can catch most of the eyes with no efforts. It would get more customers than that of any other channel or media.  For making it happen, you don’t need to do all-nighters. Just publish a digital advert to start off raising customer calls that oftentimes turn hard to count on.

You cannot grab attentions unless it has all worth-watching spots. Its size is one of those good spots.

Standard Banner Ads Sizes

Here are some size standards that make the best display advert, which is ideal & optimized:

  • 336 x 280 for a large rectangular one
  • 300 x 600 for a half page advert
  • 300 x 200 for a medium-sized rectangle
  • 320 x 50 for a mobile header banner
  • 728 x 90 for an optimized header

The beauty of Google Adwords is that your banner automatically fits the standard size, which means you can keep your worries aside about resizing and optimizing. Besides, it updates you about the correct visual aids that can make it look incredibly clear and high-quality.

What makes an online banner ad the best?

  1. Have Clarity

Clarity is what people exactly understand that you intend to convey. If it is through a testimony or a double quoted message from customers/ professionals or experts, it super impresses readers. They start visualising and making up their mind.

It doesn’t mean that you spice it up with a long interesting story. Just a quote with minimal text and sometimes, an image with a CTA can make your day. Even, your audience would love to linger on the ad that has no more than one short sentence together with a high-resolution visual.

  1. A Call To Action (CTA)

The hyperlinked text or button that invites prospective buyers for discovering more about your product/service is a call-to-action. A strong, interesting message in the crispy small wrap invites interesting people, giving a push to Click Through Rate (CTR).

This idea only works when the bright and eye-catching CTA seamlessly links to your product page. Moreover, you will see that clicks are converting in outnumbers if the landing page talks about the same thing that the next level.

  1. Brand Name

Like a call to action, you MUST put your logo at the bottom wherefrom it is clearly visible. It does not take up to the entire banner. Nor does it interfere with the moral of the message. It is just to ensure that people can recognise you easily.

  1. Keywords

Keywords are signals that people search through over the web. However, they are in a key role when it comes to optimizing that banner for search engines. Even, browsers find organic queries matching, which brings your banner closer to more and more clicks.

If your point is to find the most useful keyword, some award-winning software can really support you to analyse the result.

  1. High Quality Images

To look more professional, it is essential to add visuals, like GIFs, of high-quality. Although motion pictures can be distractive, yet a static or a still would invite people to look at that display. A logo in the bottom can make them bother about you.  However, it’s totally up to you to change its place.

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