5 Best Tips to Get More Customers in 2022 (1)

5 Best Tips to Get More Customers in 2022

Getting more customers means you are in the need of leads. Business lead generation is actually easier, provided that you know the best-fit ways and the business-specific platform. Let’s say, you run an e-Store or a retail store. None can get you a better result than that social media like Facebook, YouTube, or WhatsApp.

Here, we’ve come up with the best tips to generate leads through YouTube because it has 122 million active users per day. And, 1 billion hours of content is viewed here every hour.

So! Nothing can beat the viewership and engagement on this channel.

Best Tips to Get More Leads on YouTube in 2022

For any digital marketing, you should have an official YouTube account. People often get confused over which one is a better- personal or business name for the account.

Let’s get through the difference between them to decide which one is better for your business.

  1. Personal Branding Vs Business Branding

Personal branding is for appealing to an actual person or a group of people. It can help you to have more connections. On the other hand, business branding is built around your entity. This entity can be a business with people and their operations, products, or services. It’s like talking about Nike, Amazon, etc., which is to sell products or services.

For any business, the actionable goal is important. What you want to achieve is really important, no matter if it’s a personal or business name. It’s more like where you want to go, what your expectations are, and where you will be in the next 5 -10 years.

In all, you should choose any name for your YouTube marketing. Ensure to make it relatable to what you want to achieve.

  1. Work on Niche-based Content

If you are wondering what to start with, choose your content wisely for marketing. Stick to one niche. Some people come up with content for different niches like beauty tips, travel experiences, and more. It won’t guarantee to attract a specific audience. Nor can you focus on selling a particular product or service.

On the flip side, niche marketing gets you exposure to a much wider target audience, which covers the right and interested customers.

You have five choices to define your niche for digital marketing. These are as given below:

  • Geographies- City, country, or local area
  • Demographics- Age, gender, education, or income
  • Psychographics- Attitude, values, and interest
  • Quality- Economic or affordable, handmade, premium
  • Price- Luxury, premium, freemium, or discounted

Advantages of niche marketing on YouTube

  • Less Competitive Environment

This marketing benefits you by introducing to the right audience. Instead of mass, it allows you to reach out to the limited, but interested people. Certainly, the competition will not be bigger and tougher for being specific to a domain.

  • Brand Loyalty

Being related to specifics, your target audience will be smaller. Leverage this opportunity to bring benchmark quality. With values in your offerings, customers will be there with you lifelong. They see in you the right partner to deal with.

  • Less Expensive

Since your target is not of a broader range, the campaigning price won’t be burdensome. You serve only a few ranges of services or products, which people won’t be able to get from elsewhere. So, online CPC or PPC campaigns won’t be a pricey deal.

  • Sell Your Expertise

As you’re specialized in your domain, show your expertise. People will come to you for getting the right piece of advice or the correct answer. So, you have to categorize your field wherein you’re an expert. Your expertise in a specific area will attract more customers who seek quality products or services.

  1. Ready with Content Strategy

The ending is more important than the starting of anything. If you’ve started as a travel vlogger and later on, shifted to the latest technologies, it won’t do any good. People will relate you to the itinerary and traveling, but not with technologies.

Many bloggers and vloggers face challenges in finding the right topic. At a certain point, it seems that they don’t have any idea about what to serve next. It’s like their topics and ideas run dry. So, get ready with a ton of topics of a specific niche.

Free Tools for Content Ideas

  1. Here, the free SEO tool called answerthepublic can enrich you with hundreds of ideas. Just type a phrase or keyword. It will spin multiple topics around.

This tool introduces you to such topics that people actually search and find solutions. You get the title. Research and gather valuable information. Make it as answering to various queries of different people.

  1. There is another tool called Google Keyword Planner. Here, you won’t get any specific phrases or keywords, but the queries that your web visitors often ask. You may pick up any topic and try its variations.

Finalize the one that has maximum search volume and is worth answering the questions or pain points of your target audiences.

Here, you should take into account that a long tail keyword weighs over a short tail keyword. The long-phrase covers the problem of your customers. You may appear as a problem-solver for them through various pieces of information on a topic.

  1. SEO for Organic Promotion

Search Engine Optimization attracts recognition and visibility to your content. It helps you organize your video content in such a way that it can become universally accessible and prove valuable for everyone. Don’t make it boring. Rather, make it like true fun. It would up the level of engagement.

Here are a few tips that can help you to achieve video optimization goals:

  • Choose its title by exploring the volume of searches.
  • Good titles having the focus keyword make it worth watching. It signals Google bots about the content that it is all about. Use that keyword and subsets in the body or description also.
  • Use your brain to select the tag because YouTube considers tags while identifying the subject and indexing. It can also help this platform to relate your videos to a certain category.
  • Ensure adding the main long tail keyword in the video description.
  • The link should also have that keyword to generate more leads through it.
  • Create longer videos for maximum engagement.
  • Integrate tabs to subscribe, comment, and share.

Later, you may share it on WhatsApp, website, Facebook, or where you find the right target audience.

  1. Call to Action

A CTA or call to action is significant, especially when your target is lead generation. You can offer the deal in your CTA at the end of the video. It can be like “Subscribe to my channel for personalized solutions”

Or, “click the link below at $10 only for personalized training or solutions.”  Or, “be a lucky winner by hitting the bell icon for free notifications.”

Try to connect it with your end goal. It can be like “get free consulting on subscribing to our channel”.

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