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How To Generate More Leads For Your Business With SEO

Are you still waiting for the leads?

A lot of leads mean dozens of business inquiries.

You’re living in the digital space. It’s a boon. If you want to get connected, you can be in a second. Log in your Skype account, or, just ring for a video or an audio call. And there, you get connected. It doesn’t seem an uphill battle, does it?

Why am I mouthing off about the connectivity? Can you guess?

It’s simply because the more you get connected, the more you would be accessible to leads. When you will have a ton of connections, inquiries will come automatically in the dozens every day. And, you won’t need to put an extra effort once they would start coming in.

But, the question is-how? How can you grab them?

Here are a few lead generating SEO tips. Their effectiveness will compel you to embrace them if you really want valuable leads:

• Think like a customer: Put yourself in the audience’ shoes. London-based retailer ‘Mark & Spencer’ failed in China. The brand itself announced to wind up its Tmall presence. As said, it shut that store in January, 2018. It stuck to selling ‘middle class, suburban, UK housewife’. The people of Shanghai and Beijing found its products offbeat and misfit for themselves. Macy and Mark & Spencer struggled to get the consumers.

They didn’t find those brands’ products either valuable or inexpensive. Consequently, they had to undergo loss because they failed to think like a customer. To get hundreds of calls for inquiry via SEO, you should have the offerings (let’s say, in advertisement) that resonate with the target audience desires. Therefore, you should think like them.

• Know their interest: When you think like your customer, you will start exploring his interest. Look at this figure of the Yum brands (according to a press release about non-GAAP financial results):
Total Sales System:$46,694 million
System Sales Growth: +5%
Same Store Sales Growth: +2%
Core Operating Profit: $ 1,760
Core Operating Profit Growth: +9%
Net New Unit Growth: +3%

The aforementioned stats mirror the growth. The Yum! Brands, Inc. has around 45,000 restaurants in more than 135 nations. It sweated out to bring KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell under its flagship. It researched and determined that nobody can resist the taste of cheese and non-vegetarian junkies. So, it brought them under one roof the biggest food sellers. And, it consistently looks up to tough the height. It happened just because it knew at the core what its target audience desires.

The easiest way to generate leads via SEO is to ask Google. When you ask, it search box pops a lot of clues to identify your audience interest. You can input in that box what you sell. The drop down list of the search box will unfold what the audience searches. The bottom of SERPs will have more of that stuff to get you the answer.

• Let them desire:
If you’re able to become a desire of your audience, you win. The search engine marketing can help you to become that desire. Apple did it through its smart SEO strategy. It wanted to make iPhone 6 camera an irresistible desire of the customers. To make it happened in true sense it invited snapshots from the customers. It put those clicks on the billboards around the world.

On seeing their own clicks, people loved to make its camera their desire. They found their own reflection in them. Around 24 opinion leaders had its mention in their comment. And around 95 percent of those mentions were positive, according to an article on CNBC.

There are Google adwords, Adsense and many paid and unpaid advertising models on the search engine. You can choose the most suitable SEO lead generation techniques to make a way to the heart of your audience.

• Wisely pull them to buy:
A convincing idea can make the deal. If you win in moving hearts, nobody can ignore you. This is what you need to pull zillions of leads. You need an innovative way that should be mind-blowing.

For example, P&G did it through an ad that framed a power-packed conversation between two black people. It did not hesitate to relate the factual topic of racial discrimination. The advertisement amplified the need of equality. Its presentation was inspiring, real and ever-lasting.

Likewise, you can utilize the 80-character long description space of the Google text ad. Melt the url and a contact number in it. Reflect the pain point of your customers in 30 -character long title. These SEO tricks would surely pull hundreds of lead count.

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