How to Advertise Your Business on Google?

Today, people are more into watching their phones, picking up calls and staying busy with the internet. This is where you have a scope to attract them.

You have Google, the leading search engine, where millions of businesses are listed to make themselves findable. With local SEO, it’s easier than ever,

Like alternatives to get visible, there are many tools to promote your business and onboard potential customers to stay ahead in the competition.

Here are a few proven methods to advertise your business on Google:

Google My Business

As it is connected to the leading search engine, you can register your brand or company to show up on Google Maps. This is the online place where people can notice you, post reviews about and offer a virtual space to feed your business information to let potential customers know all about your work.

The business profile needs you to fill up about your business, menus, hours of operation, address, phone number and a lot more things. This is how you can have an overwhelming number of options for encouraging your business visibility, where a massively large audience visits every day.

Now, you have set the whole stage to invite customers.

Let’s get to know how it is possible.

How do you advertise your business on Google?

Google ads are display through an auction.

But, this is slightly different than any other bids. The digital marketing advertiser looks into the quality and relevancy of the ad campaigns. It means that the quality score is the real play, but not the money.

This auction has keywords at the center. The entire advertisement is based on keywords. So, check for the relevancy of the selected keywords whether or not they are connected to your business.  Think deeply about how searchers use those keywords. This way you can have keywords that are more in the context of your business dealings. Your target audience is likely to use them when trying to find what you sell. This is how you can filter out the keywords to bid on them.

Bidding is all about how much you are willing to pay each time as a Google user clicks on your advertisement. Typically, it is categorized as PPC or Pay-Per-Click advertising.

Frequency of Bidding

The auction goes on every single time when you enter a keyword into its search bar. It determines that every single search is full of opportunities for advertisers that bring them close to lead generation or conversions.

So, there is nothing more powerful than that of Google that lets you show up at the exact moment when people like to find you. This is why it is regarded as one of the best ways to scale up your business.

How it all Happens…!

So! How do you advertise your business on Google?

Well, you need a Google Ads account, which is free to create.

Once you have done, you need to follow these 10 steps sequentially to advertise on Google.

  • Create your account goals
  • Identify your target audience
  • Find out the niche keywords
  • Estimate how much you can spend on bids
  • Optimise your Google structure, feeding all details of your business
  • Write the high-performing ad copy for winning attention
  • Optimize and check landing pages before your run a campaign
  • Integrate website with Google Webmaster tool to track leads & conversions
  • Analyse and prepare strategies for repurposing or remarketing
  • Re-optimise landing pages for remarketing to win more opportunities

Quality Score

The quality of your ad defines the extent of possibilities, as leads or conversions. It can happen when you optimize Google ads account structure.

The quality score is high of those ads that are relevant. For relevancy, you need to focus on keywords research, ad copy and URL plus user experience. The search engine calculates score on these factors:

  • Click Through Rate (CTR)
  • Relevant ad group of each keyword
  • Landing page quality & relevancy
  • The relevant & unique ad copy
  • Google ad account performance history

In addition, you can put negative keywords in place for excluding irrelevant search items that oftentimes waste money.

Besides, you should share some pieces of good content through blogs, articles and guest blogs that people often search to overcome their pain points.

Reviews and comments are some more options that can take you close to your audience, as most of the searchers purchase upon reading the reviews about the product. So, focus on them.

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