How Can PPC & SEO Deliver Millions of Leads In Short Span?

Every startup kick starts with the primary motto of multiplying ROI. Every entrepreneur dreams of maximizing profit with minimal investment. With the advent of digital marketing, striking business goals has become a walkover. Its evolution has started cutting on the time, money & efforts. As a repercussion, the valuable time of marketing experts that they usually spend on manual persuasion gets saved.

Branding is a herculean task. But with advertising, popping any new identity to the global map is no big deal. Digital marketing can fetch instant promotion that one would like to grab. Here, I would specifically focus on SEO and PPC integration to let you know how easy it is to hand on leads and conversions.

Let I start with their definition.

PPC: PPC aka Pay-Per-Click is an internet marketing strategy that introduces the advertiser to his prospective leads. Or, you can say, it’s the internet marketing strategy that lets the advertiser interact with future customers.

It’s pretty much similar to the TV commercial ad that attracts thousands to millions of prospective customers. Unfortunately, TVCs burn holes in the pocket. For small to medium scale entrepreneurs, it’s mere a dream. But the present scenario goes with PPC, Adwords and SEO marketing.

Since netizens’ community is the biggest of all, the internet marketing can be the platform to return more than what is spent. PPC campaign buy clicks to channelize online traffic. And this traffic comes in at minimal cost. That traffic includes organic as well as referrals. It makes the online community aware of your brand via the first impression. Subsequent to catching it, the really interested visitors flip to leads.

How does PPC work?

Let’s say, an online visitor clicks on the ad’s hyperlink on any webpage. Google bot registers the clicking action in a fraction of time. And its result reflects from the deducted bank balance of the advertiser. Eventually, the advertiser gains visit.

A question might be hammering your head over why one should opt for PPC ad if the balance is deducted and ROI is not as per expectation. You can catch its answer below.

SEO: Search engine optimization or SEO is an organic way of deriving traffic to your online storefront. Suppose a user browses by typing your url, let’s say EM-Tech, directly in the SERPs. It identifies the direct or organic way of visiting the website.

The PPC campaign can’t make your dream of becoming a millionaire come true. Leads and conversion can do so. But at the end, the brand needs exposure. This is what the PPC campaign does.

How does the collation of SEO & PPC campaign invite leads?

Leads are the prospective customers. You can’t grab them unless they know about the specific brand.

1. Explore real time data on search engines: The search engines, like Google & Bing, have the efficiency to provide real-time data in abundance via PPC.
What all you can do is to narrow the impressions on these search engines. How? Let I clear what I mean by ‘impressions’. These are the number of visitors who caught the view of PPC ads but did not perform any action. Suppose I searched ‘Lead Generation’. The ads on the SERPs at the top would count it as an impression (of yours).

You can thinner the impression volumes by specifying location, like ‘Lead Generation in UK in 2017’. The more you make the AD particular the more it would gain chance to convert into leads.

Therefore, make your PPC ad as particular as you can. This effort will pay off later in SEO campaign.

2. Get exposure through PPC: As foretold, Pay-per-Click (PPC) gives you a landscape to get first impression of the online visitors. Utilize this opportunity to the fullest by bearing in mind that first impression is the last impression. From the very first interaction, you can engage the incoming traffic.
It’s like messaging to visit the url and get the desirable services or products.

3. Merge ‘PPC keywords’ in to SEO strategy: It’s a crystal clear fact that expenditure on PPC is a scrap. Rather than investing more into it, merge that valuable keyword in the SEO strategies to get more leads organically. It would pay off fat return.
PPC is like email to call in visitors while SEO strategies are the real cash-cows.

4. Test is a must: PPC campaigns unearth the insight of a long tail keyword. The number of clicks determines how much user-friendly and viable the long tail keyword is. However, leads come from this tunnel are much lesser. But at least, you would be able to get the idea of its performance. So, you can invest in it as an identifier that determines the feasibility of that keyword.

Run the SEO campaign along with it. Pick the cash-cow like keywords that you have gotten through the PPC campaign and capitalize on it via blogging, article submission, info- graphic submission and so on.

5. PPC can deliver valuable backlinks: Have you given a thought to utilizing the content space below the PPC ad? If you haven’t done it yet, go for it. But wait! What would you publish there?
As it is the content that catches several impressions, you need to utilise this golden opportunity wisely.

First, brainstorm what content can woo the customer. Then, how can you infuse your products or services in it. Lastly, don’t forget to make a ‘Call-to-Action’ in that content. The interested visitors would show their eagerness by clicking for inquiries. If so does not happen, at least backlinks would be in your wallet.

And there you would get the much awaited leads those have the potential to convert!

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