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SEO Strategy to Get More Traffic, Clicks & Leads via Site

You’re continuously jazzing up with crazy search engine strategies to rank up in the SERPs. By inputting the cash cow keywords in the blog and article, you have done what is ethically a must. A ton of best SEO practices are brought in place. But still, nothing comes out worthy. None of the writing-pieces made to the top. What’s the reason? Did you leave any loop?
To know the flaw, you need more intensive snoop in to your white hat strategies.
But first, let’s shed off dust to catch on crystal clear view of what the CTR is. It’s a must to catch its deep insight because you can’t rank up in the SERPs without organic traffic. And if there would have less traffic, the clicks’ count would automatically be similar.

What’s CTR?
Before comprehending it, switch to the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). Suppose you have put in ‘PPC Ads’. The hyperlinking headlines with AD prefix would pop at the top of the searches. The interested users click to access the offer offered through the google adsense ads. And the un-interested ones would go by without clicking over it.
Here two parties are spotlighted, i.e. one who clicks and the other that puts impression (the action of going by without clicking, or the number of times the ad pops). It’s obvious that the unattended ads would catch no clicks. On the other hand, the clicks- receiving ads would be at advantageous edge.

How to calculate CTR?
But who would decide? Well, CTR can determine it like a walkover. It’s actually the ratio of the clicks and the impressions that an ad received. ‘PPC ads at affordable price’, let’s say, received 30 clicks & 100 impressions. While deriving CTR, the clicks would be divided by impressions. In this case, the CTR would be 30/100=0.3.
How can you get more traffic, clicks and leads through CTR magnet method?
Clicks are the string that pulls the online traffic. This is why various SEO experts choose CPC or PPC ads as the shortcut to catch thousands to millions of eyeballs. Amid that audience, many prospective clients lie who can turn into a cash cow via this affordable SEO campaign.

There are lots of options like social shares, backlinks and on-page SEO strategies to gravitate potential customers. But as backlinko convene defined, you would need no such tantrums but to employ CTR magnet method for swelling up the clicks.
Let’s check what industrious work you need to do and which areas should be focused.

CTR magnet method:
1. Choose kick-ass title: An online ad copy should have striking title. Always bear in mind that the title should be ultra-influential. It should have enough punch whereby no reader can ever skip.
How can you do this? Well, it’s no big deal. While drafting it, focus on customers. What they expect and what value they can derive from it- put this idea in the title.
For example, “Buy affordable cream with vitamin E” would weigh less than the title “Buy anti-pollution affordable cream for healthy skin”.
Both foretold titles are correct. But the latter would have the dash of experienced copy writing skill. What the product provides is the seller’s tone. This is what the former title tells. But the selling copy should have the pain-points or touch points of customers. Connectivity is what the selling copy requires. And this is what the latter title determines. Anti-pollution and health skin are the wants of the customers with which the customers relate themselves.

2. Find Keyword: Keywords are the magnet whereby google or bing bots shortlist the webpages to pop as the result. And if you’re investing in Google Adwords, keep it in mind that the selected keyword should have the reflection of customers’ requirement.
If consider the foretold title, ‘buy affordable cream’ reflects the main targeted keyword. It consists of call to action as well. So, it’s perfect!
If you have no idea about its selection, just go through super beneficial keywords finding strategies through Google search, Google Alert, Google Analytics and the ads of your business rivals.
Mashing up title with superb keyword is not enough. It needs a blockbuster idea. You can add it to the meta-description that reflects just below the ad copy in light grey shade. Make it stuffed with valuable information.

3. Get more clicks: Add call to action. Doesn’t it sound simple? You can make it a walkover by using some power words. These words can be “step-by-step; easy, works quickly, today, right now, quick and simple”. These words have the power to attract. Make the tile as alluring as you can.

Lingering on these simple yet effective SEO tricks can prove a great game-changer and spike up the ratio of your profit earning.

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