Facebook Marketing for Local Business

Advantages of Facebook Marketing for Local Business

With 1.19 billion users on the board, Facebook is in the air. It’s a leading social network. The SEO strategists and internet marketing experts roll out paid and unpaid ad campaigns to feed their clients with leads. They do it through contests and newsletters to derive advantages of Facebook marketing for the local business. It indeed works. They succeed in generating leads. Why?

It’s just because of its global presence and scalability. That’s why SEO and social marketing experts sail across physical barriers to target local audience. It’s simply because of these benefits of FB marketing:

  1. Target customers: What if Facebook has 1.17 billion users?

Do they all turn into leads?

Certainly, the pan traffic doesn’t generate leads. Buyers will only be a few ones from hundreds of visitors. But, you can play smartly with the Facebook ads. Extract the list of frequent buyers and visitors from Facebook Insights and Google Analytics.

Direct your FB ad campaign to target audience within your Geo-location. This campaign may cost you more. But, the visibility through frequent likes and engagement through comments will stem loyalty and branding.

  1. Explore Insights: Non-technical people generally hate statistics. But, Facebook Insight will let you fall in love with. Visual charts/tables make the study of likes, followers and shares of a particular post a piece of pie. You can easily churn this data:
  • Page likes (in % from the previous week), new page likes (in %) to determine engagement
  • Post reach (in % from the previous week), new reach (in %) to assume quantum of visibility
  • Engagement (in % from the previous week), number of likes, comments, shares and post clicks to estimate overall performance

You can pull the best performing content and customers. Demographics, referrals and fans etc. can help with their counts. Strategise about how you can boom the sale and benefit in selling on Facebook.

  1. Brand-Building: Loyalty converts the unidentified name into a brand. The Facebook account can ground it up easily. The loyalty builds up from valuable and entertaining content. Consistency plays a big role in it.

However, people have started making a deal with this social media. But, it’s flooded with a lot of merchants. You should speak up to spread awareness about your presence. People should know that you are active and responsive. You can:

  • Publish a post regularly.
  • Consistently answer.
  • Be an active seller.

Gradually, people will start noticing you. Being responsive and consistently posting can peg millions of inquiries from your local network.

  1. Traffic Puller: Is it true- the more you get likes on the FB, the more you get leads?

It’s untrue. The appreciating likes on the post can engage the traffic. But, translating them into leads needs a strong support of search engine optimization