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5 Secrets for Creating an Outstanding Logo Design

A logo is a silent representative of a company or business. Ok, just put on your thinking cap and answer-how do you differentiate Nike and Jimmy Choo shoes? You have no evidence but an imprint of their logo that tells which brand they represent.

It’s crystal clear that branding a product requires authentic support of the logo. It pushes the product to the global customers. And the crowd pulls to the brand’s store with huge demand.

If it’s that much significant, the entrepreneur must attend its making seriously. Be it a logo designer or maker, these five principles should be kept in mind while drafting it:

  • Keep its design simple: Say a big NO to a complicated and puzzling logo design. Keep it simple and sober. Customers reject remembering puzzling logos. Kick out the idea to pick the complex one. Contrary to it, the simple one always marks its presence amid crowd of synonymous brands. So, be brainy and draw the easiest yet different design.

Catch a glimpse of Facebook logo, Google logo, Apple logo and Nike logo. All these and many more popular brands recreate abuzz.

  • Draw it stylish: Uniqueness is Ok but a little bit of style adds stun to the logo design. First, decide which style you would like to have for your products. Basically, the buzzing logos are categorized into three styles, i.e. only symbol, only text and both (symbol + text).

Then, select the one you like. For example, Litmus branding is one of the famous logo design services India that designs two logos per week. Its each design mirrors perfection.

The logo of Apple perfectly demonstrates its symbol style. Google, Twitter and Facebook have textual logos while Puma, Honda and Intel’s logo are blend of text and symbol.

  • Pick the relevant colour:Colour defines mood, emotions and significance. So, its colour should be corresponding to the nature or attributes of the brand.

Green colour has soothing touch. But white hue represents peace. Likewise, purple and violent colours carry warmth. So, each colour is a significant interpreter itself.

For example, Twitter and LinkedIn logos have blue colour in common as this hue belongs to intellectuality and togetherness.

  • Typecast logo with brand:Always keep in mind that font is as important as design in a logo. If you go with the symbol plus text in its design, it determines the presence of font.

Illegible font fails in appealing. So, never nod for unreadable font. Before picking the font, the endorsing brand should be kept in mind. Comprehend its type and to whom it’s going to appeal.

For instance, a designer dress brand can pick the creative and stylish font style. Opposite to it, selecting the simple and clear font style can prove an excellent idea for representing any medical organization.

  • Don’t mix-n-match text:Compliance of text and symbol is a must. Overlapped text can reduce it impact. So, don’t hide the symbol with text or vice-versa.

The symbol should neither too close to the text nor too far. Both should be ideally close to each other (if they select symbol and text in design)

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