5 eCommerce Social Media Marketing Tips to Boost Conversion Rate

5 eCommerce Social Media Marketing Tips to Boost Conversion Rate

Could you ever imagine that 54% of B2B marketers claim to have leads through social media?

The source of around 80% of B2B social media leads is LinkedIn. It’s a milestone, which 74% of companies fail to achieve. However, 26% of those companies are walking over the moon because they have earned profit as a return gift of integrating social media with their online storefront.

What all these facts indicate is that the social media marketing can create irresistibility that a seller really expects from his customers. It is where social media marketing strategies for ecommerce can get you profit and followers.

The following social media marketing tips will make it super easy to improve conversion rate on your e-Commerce store. Let’s catch up with them.

But first, let’s get through the tweaks that you should start with on Facebook or Twitter page.

These tweaks would help leads to ground up. As the interested user responds to CTA, which can be a prompt to subscribe to or fill an inquiry form, the way to get leads will be all set. But, the real complexity pops when it comes to executing your social media strategy. The high-value content, impressive images together with optimised landing page could do the magic.

  1. Choose Your Social Media Platforms Wisely:

If FB is good enough for the e-Commerce posts laced with content and images, Tumblr offers the subdomain feature to run a micro-blogging site. Simply say, every social media has its own vitality, uniqueness and features.

So, you just spend a few minutes observing the trend and features of, let’s say, Reddit, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, and determine the difference. Upon doing so, you can easily catch up with the type of social community there and the uniqueness. Then, choose which social media would achieve your e-Commerce or other goals.


  • Stud content with stunning images
  • Integrate CTA (Subscribe/Order/Form)
  • Optimize landing page
  1. Improve Engagement:

A quote reads-“Content marketing is the backbone of communication.”

You aim at creating visibility together with communication via an e-store on FB or Shopify. The content may miss the bull’s eye. But, an inspirational quote or a joke or a hardly known fact can win the game.

With the storming into social media marketing, you should strategise on how not to let audience bounce back in a wink. Once you start engaging, use links directing to your website.


  • Mix interest with the content
  • Put all in native language for engagement
  • Embed links to your site in between
  1. Live Streaming

People want to see the products live. CISCO has anticipated that 82% of the internet traffic comes through videos. If you go live with your product on Facebook, the engagement will be thrice than before. It adds a human touch, which often builds trust and better the relationship with prospects. Your audience can interact with you during a live demonstration of the products.


  • Go live with demos or launch of products
  • Allow target audience to about their concerns
  • Instructions incite curiosity that ends up at generating leads
  1. Shoppable Posts:

Let your social network behave, as it’s your e-Commerce store if you don’t have any shopping website.

Yeah! The app like Instagram has a native integration that lets users to tag and shop directly from an organic post. It’s more than good enough if there is a “checkout” feature. You can offer users an ability to complete their journey as a buyer. The users can easily checkout without leaving that platform.  Thereby, they would have an option to browse more, discovering more and shopping further.


  • Integrate or choose social media that allows shoppable posts
  • Offer tagging and buying button under CTA
  • Optimize the checkout page for conversions
  1. Add Followers & Subscribers

Followers and subscribers have a list of prospective shoppers. However, we hardly care about them. But actually, they are not worthless. They have found you being apart from the crowd, which their subscribing to your social channel defines. Just a little bit of push is what you should give. Feeds or notifications can work as a messenger to know about new launches.

You can create a legitimate account, share posts. Invite users to subscribe to your website. Later, you can extract users’ information to send them an alert or feed about your products.


  • Create a legitimate account
  • Invite followers to subscribe to
  • Use their information for email marketing

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