5 Best Logo Design Tips and Tricks

5 Best Logo Design Tips and Tricks

When you get to say so much without saying a word, it could be possible. A logo can speak a thousand words provided it relates to. Rob Janoff-the iconic logo designer of Apple has his own vertical to carve a logo.

Let’s catch the best logo design tips and tricks, as drawn from the Apple logo design.

  1. Ideas Are a Key: This is the most complicated process. You have to think instinctively. Drill into your head that you’re living in the era of the internet. Google is omnipresent to support over every matter. What I mean is that emphasizing on the mind is no more in practice. People are insanely exploring the World Wide Web whatever they want to search for.

Rob said in an interview, “The way things are done digitally is way different from the way we did things before. A lot of people around now really have no idea how that was. I really can’t imagine doing it analog as opposed to digital now, using Adobe apps for my work.”

Today’s logo designers are more into techniques. They stick to them because it seems easily doable, rather than being around creative ideas.  However, staying away from techniques is irresistible. But, it can bring cutting edge of what you’re doing. Creativity cannot be automatically inserted.

  1. Keep It Simple: Simple looks beautiful. This idea goes perfectly with the logo design. Even, Rob Janoff-the famous logo designer of Apple stated, “The kind of graphic design I like is simple because I think that cuts through so much better in so many cultures, so many languages. ”

A confusing design looks like a puzzle. So, avoid what confuses people.

When you draw a sketch, its detailing seems wow. But, you often forget that it is to be shrunk if it is meant for embossed on the keychain or letterheads. You cannot fit all details on a small space. It looks messy and confusing.

  1. Colour is crucial: Keep into account that a logo design is the personality of a brand. So, pick your colours wisely. The bright looks beautiful. It catches eyes. But, it can damage your brand’s essence. So, the logo design service provider should recall the special implications associated with the domain. Abandon the tint that can convey an incorrect message.

Fill it with colour, if necessary.  Otherwise, the sketch sans colour looks stunning because it shows what subtle is.   

  1. Relevancy: The relevancy of anything lies in the context of what it serves. An apple can be a fruit and the same term could resonate with a famous American Electronic devices’ brand.

If you want to create an iconic icon, you need to research.

Rob has been following this mindset for years while thinking like these:

  1. Ask if your logo is a celebrity. If yes-what would be that?
  2. What would its personality?
  3. How does that famous celebrity communicate?

Rob said, “If I know of a famous person and how that famous person communicates themselves, I try to get that vibe into whatever it is I’m working on. Having a personality, as opposed to just being a design or a piece of art, is what grabs people, and makes them want it and makes it be a success.”

  1. Be Creative: Albert Einstein once said, “Creativity is intelligence having fun.” Designing a logo is an interesting interpretation. You have to think creatively while keeping its context in the center.  But sometimes, creativity can steal its essence.

Upon being asked about reworking on Apple’s logo, Rob said, “I’d see articles where they asked people to freehand a logo, and nine times out of ten it’s the Apple logo.”

It clearly points at the fact that creative should interpretable. It fascinates the designers to simply carve through creative side.

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