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3 Web Design Tricks to Ensure Explosive Leads & Conversion

Is every visitor to your website willing to buy? Despite having fancy design and attractive features, visitors come and go without any action. And your ultimate aim to lure them for placing order falls flat. What’s the reason? Have you thought of it? Let I help you sort out it out.

Incentivizing potential buyers:Incentives are the perks that the receiver loves to embrace. The prospective customers can be lured easily. What all you need to do is pat them to perform action. This is what a well-drafted, short and crisp lead magnet can do. It’s an open invitation to your visitors to contribute their authentic email ids. Invite them to try out filling the form for subscribing. Here are a few ideas that you can choose to design your own lead magnet:

  • Provide a guide or report to learn and ask for subscription.
  • Offer a handout.
  • Attract them to take away toolkit/ resources in return of their email ids.
  • Exhibit demo videos.
  • Let them download useful software.
  • Offer them discount on shopping.
  • Incite curiosity through quiz. Let them walk through survey form.
  • Let them assign your website a ‘grade’.
  • Invite for feedback through a predesigned form.

Optimize web as per SEO:The year 2017 will be dedicated to SEO services. Web-optimization is elemental to make a web design for 2017 magnetic and approachable. Without reach, you can’t get down to your potential customers. SEO geeks bridge to them through backlinks. But there are certain points that can put in magic to your SEO efforts.

  • Add keywords that make sure sale.
  • Interlink the internal pages with keywords.
  • Keep the header and footer studded with contact details.
  • Add H1, H2, H3 …tags.
  • Include meta tag and title tags.
  • Describe images with Alt tag.
  • Create site map.
  • Check modifier- loading speed of the website.
  • Minimize javascript & CSS code.
  • Avoid flash since it slows down the loading time of the website.
  • Add a blog to the website.

Have a Blog:Do you think owing an online business is a licence to earn revenue? Beautiful design, excellent colour, attractive fonts and appealing logo are just a setup or a brochure of your products and business. But it will remain a dummy until it speaks out. Citing out loud about what you sell is a must. You need to sell rather than exhibiting them for leads. A blog can do so. It can give a punch to sale.

How do you create a blog into a lead-machine, let’s see:

  • Spin a compelling blog.
  • Add a call to action (CTA) to push your visitors for sharing, liking and adding what they like.
  • Power your blog with exclusive content.
  • Pop up the perks, like discounts, for the customers above the fold.
  • Redirect while doing A/B testing to detect what the visitors want.
  • Add comment section.

Subscribe for Emails:It’s an outdated trend when people used to exchange ideas and opinions through exchanging mails manually. However, the method has been old but the idea is ever green. Emails are the updated version of this method. Online business has been booming leaps and bounds just because of authentic data. And emails are the endorsers of that data. This is the wonder that genuine email ids of the authentic users do. Email marketing spins a list of thousands of users. If you don’t want to go for this kind of marketing, try these ideas:

  • Add a promo button to the banner for subscribing newsletter.
  • Appeal to subscribe before landing to specific page.
  • While promoting through social networks, add subscribe button as CTA.
  • Do mouth to mouth publicity.
  • Drop newsletters to your loyal customers for subscribing to win special discount or offer.

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