Discover the most cost-effective and all trending services for your online business or products. Our all offerings are available at a competitive price that can let you afford them easily. For customized services, we are here to talk and discuss pricing corresponding to selected technology solutions.

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We’re technology-based strategists and solutions providing next-level IT/BPM company. With the highly professional 200+ domain experts, we define a smooth digital journey where online presence, digital promotions, creatives, and transformation attract limitless opportunities in no time.

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We're a technology-based company. Innovation-driven transition defines us.

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Fly high to have a progressive career, where perks & praise build your future.

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Eminenture Technologies lets you discover advanced digital technologies for your business. Our web suite, internet marketing, digital creatives, and managed IT services offer end-to-end support, which is required for NEXT BUSINESS.

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Discover the most cost-effective and all trending services for your online business or products. Our all offerings are available at a competitive price that can let you afford them easily. For customized services, we are here to talk and discuss pricing corresponding to selected technology solutions.

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Website Maintenance

Regulating the Updates of Websites with Glitch Free Support

Just launching a website may be good for your online presence. But, it requires regular updates in accordance with the trend and Google algorithms. Practicing it prevents any technical issues and also, introduces an excellent user experience. This seamless experience signals search engines to rank your website on top of SERPs. Defining such a smooth web journey can be challenging. Eminenture Technologies can simplify it, providing end-to-end web maintenance services in and across India. Our company offers different types of web fixing support and solutions.

We also manage the hosting of your website under web hosting services. Our support team sends an alert or notification before its expiry or whenever it requires renewal. This practice helps you to get off any friction in your web streaming.

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Web Development Services

Security Management

Having all security measures in place is a necessity to prevent hacking or malicious attempts. Imagine how big your loss would be if your top-ranking website is hacked all of a sudden. You may lose the bridge that connects your customers with you. It would certainly decrease your revenues and profit margins. We have dedicated web developers and designers to hire for monitoring security issues frequently. They have hands-on experience in installing security patches to overcome vulnerabilities. Our web development and maintenance solutions can timely help you overcome any such issues before it turns out big and irreparable.

Plugin and Theme Updates

Over time, you may need some advanced functionalities to integrate with your website. We assist in this case by installing requisite plugins and updated themes. However, they also require regular updates over time to ensure their compatibility with web browsers and security patches. Our web development company has dedicated PHP, WordPress, and other developers to provide this support with consistency. We ensure no delays because all cases are treated here as our own. It shows a sense of personalisation.

Content Updates & Optimisation

A static site is the website that takes a few hours or days to create without any hustle. This is simply because it does not require server-side (also called back-end) processing as in CRM design. So, we use only client-side technologies, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. With these programming languages, we deliver the fastest website design. With it, you can quickly launch your online presence for attracting visibility, opportunities, and exposure on SERPs.The content is the fuel or lifeblood of any website. Our content writers keep it up-to-date. Certainly, relevancy and accuracy are keys for our benchmarked services. The blog and post-integration, products' updated descriptions, and removal of obsolete content add a professional look to your website, which hooks potential customers easily. Upon uploading, we move to the next level. It is dedicated to optimisation that is done around the pain points of potential and current customers. This step improves your website speed and responsiveness. Simply put, users see faster uploading of content, including images and other web elements.

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

A backup can help in retrieving lost data. You can undo its effect. We come up with a personalised disaster recovery strategy for your website to ensure installing the backup quickly in case of any major problem. Our team follows a dedicated plan of managing backups on a regular basis. This strategy has prevented a massive loss of our customers. With this agile plan, we restore your website if it's ever hacked or corrupted.

If you want to take your user experience to the next level, starting with static web design can prove really cost-effective. Connect with our web consulting team to discover a personalised experience.

Accessibility Testing

Like recognised web maintenance and support companies, we test your website's accessibility. It defines who can use your website. They can be people with disabilities, mobile audiences, and people with slow internet connections. Every user's web experience is precious. So, we ensure that your website is live all time. Our goal is to maintain upto 100% uptime of your website. If it goes down, you may lose valuable customers, which we never let happen.

Eminenture Technologies provides an uninterrupted web experience through start-to-finish web maintenance services. NASSCOM has awarded us for being excellent at customer service. And, we're also an ISO-certified technology-based company. Let's connect and discover your exact requirements. Contact us for personalised experience.


Web Maintenance to Keep It Up & Running

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Web Maintenance Cases

Explore Some Interesting Web Maintenance Cases that Proved a Big Success.


Online Distributorship Shop Support

An innovative web frontend & backend were managed, where thousands of mechanics and retailers who got registered there.

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B-Chain Hotels Web Maintenance

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Multidisciplinary Experts' Site

Multidisciplinary Experts' Web Support

We maintained a loyalty application, which attracted thousands of electricians & retailers to get registered for more opportunities.

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Maintaining Online Distributorship

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A Feedback System Maintenance

We created this review management system in 48 hours and provided all support to maintain its agility and smooth functioning.

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IT-Based Web Site Promoted

NRI Consulting Website Promotion

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Our Approach

For web maintenance, we always monitor your website for faults regularly and integrate every update or trend seamlessly.
  • monitoring

    Monitoring is the best approach for keeping a website free from any defect or bug. We also look for trends to keep your website updated.

  • Responsiveness

    For the best user experience, we search for advanced responsiveness trends or settings for integrity to keep your website up & running.

  • Hosting

    There may be some hosting issues that can hamper your user experience. We always draft a plan in advance to never miss hosting renewal.

  • Security

    To provide a secure, fresh, and reliable website, we come up with a regular monitoring report. It helps in fixing loops through patches quickly.

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