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Your personal access to www.eminenturetech.com is worthy to welcome. In reading our website’s content, it’s necessarily deemed that you are agreed to abide by the listed below terms and conditions of our website’s use. Your access to our website is very much your personal right & non-transferable, too, to any other person or entity.


All materials, including published content, software, information, docs, products, forms, pictures, features and services, available on this website fall under Copyright ©2011-16 EMINENTURE PRIVATE LIMITED. These all rights are reserved.

Our website’s content carries general information that fit solely for personal use. Without prior notice, it is a subject to modify. Trademarks, logos, content, images and any other materials, including its design, layout, look, appearance & graphics etc., on this site are the legal properties of Eminenture Technologies only. As being constituent of terms & conditions, copyright notice states reproduction to be out-of-bounds. Any kind of violation to copyrighted content and other materials will be assumed as copyright infringement which will lead to prosecution.

Links To Other Websites:

We do link-buildings to other websites time to time which is uncontrollable for Eminenture Technologies. The nature, content & availability of those websites, also, don’t make to our control. Built links may or may not sound recommendation or endorsement of views in them. Prior consent is must for linking to this website with another website(s).

Governing Law:

Unauthorized use of our website is a punitive offence that is liable to be booked for claim against damages. Using this site & also, the disputes ignited from its usage are the subject matter of the international as well as Delhi jurisdiction, India.

Liability Disclaimer:

Technical inaccuracies or typographical errors may be found in this website’s content, software, information, products, forms, pictures, features and services. Using this website’s material is entirely at your own risk. However, efforts are put to keep it going seamlessly & relentlessly but technical issues may interrupt its smooth going but temporarily. ‘Eminenture Technologies’ holds every right for improvising and modifying this website’s material at any time. Its owners, suppliers, consultants, advertisers, affiliates, partners, employees or any other associated entities, all collectively referred to as associated entities hereafter, shall bear no liability to user or member or any third party.


Eminenture technologies & its respective conjunctive entities claim no guarantee or any kind of warranty regarding suitability of this website’s content, software, information, documents, products, forms, pictures, features and services to any purpose. Thus, we deny bearing liability for any inaccuracies or errors as per law. Eminenture Technologies shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, accidental, special or damages linked in any ways as repercussion of this website material’s usage, delays and inability to use it. This ‘no liability’ shall also be applicable on contract, tort & strict liability or otherwise, even though Eminenture Technologies or any of its associates is advised of possible damage.


All rights are reserved to Eminenture Technologies only for amending or doing makeover of any or all of this site’s contents, software, information, docs, products, forms, pictures, features & services flashing in this website, including terms & conditions.

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