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Our privacy policy is applicable only on collected information online but not on collected data offline. You are consented to our privacy policy while going through our website www.eminenturetech.com.

Our privacy policy focuses on:
  • Valuing your privacy
  • Keeping your information secured
  • Maintaining confidentiality
Personal Info Privacy:

It’s true we collect information but only through online. Only your voluntary consent assigns licence to Eminenture technologies to get access to your personal information, including your name, address, telephone number or email address. Registration, survey & blog subscriptions pave us way to access data. Or, we pick it under applicable laws & regulations drafted for the protection of your personal details.

To simplify your understanding about our privacy policy, check out these queries with answers:

How do we draw & utilize your information?

You need not register or login on our website. Despite visiting anonymously, your requests for services or job applications render us your personal information, like Name, Email, Mailing Address, Phone Number & other relevant info.

Usage of your personal information:

Your personal info has your right. Without your consent, it will never be sold, exchanged, transferred or handover to any other company for whatsoever cause, except for the purpose of delivering the requested service.

  • For improving credibility of our website
  • For enhancing customer experience
How we harbor your information safely?

We have various security channels to stack your vital info in safe zone. Knowing its sensitivity, we hire secure server to transfer it & thereafter, encrypt it in to our consolidated database. Just authorized person, who enjoys special right to get access to that info, takes care of its confidentiality.

How we use cookies?

Website and its service providers transmit small files, which are called cookies, through web browser. It helps us in:

  • Comprehending your browser
  • Capture data
  • Recall specific information
  • Upkeep compiled cumulative data of our website traffic & its interaction
How we maintain confidentiality?

Our trio principles of integrity, high security and confidentiality help us to keep your info safe. It’s subjected to non-transferable until & unless the trusted third parties ask for assistance in our business operations. It is provided on assurance of sustaining confidentiality. We let your information shared if it is under the compliance of law, enforcement of our site policies or, protection of ours as well as others rights, property or safety.

How do we amend the existing Privacy Policy?

The right to amend or completely change the existing Privacy Policy is reserved to Eminenture Technologies. Our visitors are recommended to stay updated with review version of this policy on our site. You can check out date that is ‘modified’ on our website, if any changes are done.

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