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Best Social Media Marketing Strategy to Strike Online Goals

Have you tried external blogging or guest blogging?
Did you submit articles & directory?
Have you bookmarked your hot posts?

Have you shared infographics & video on slideshare, vimeo and other websites?
These SEO strategies prove awesome when it comes to visibility & outreach. But you need to hold your breath tight. You’re trekking via search engines so patience is a must to have.

Halt! What if you want the quick result?
Is it possible? A right track can take you to heights of success, but which one? The social media is that platform that can live on your expectations truly. It’s social media that includes Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat etc.. You need to utilize it properly. A full-proof social media strategy can skyrocket your reach & visibility.

Let’s check how you can do this miracle.
Have you heard of SMART rule? It’s the golden rule to make your online goals come true. The content marketing experts are aware of it. Let you also know how to map outreach through this rule on social media.

The word ‘SMART’ is actually an acronym. It’s the magic trick of the expert content strategists. It stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely goals. All these together form a framework that guarantees an unprecedented success.

1. Specific: You need to determine what your objective is. What you want to achieve in the short term is your objective. Once you’d start achieving your objectives, the roadmap to big goal will be clear. But first, you should be very particular to what you want. Confused?
Let’s say you want to procure leads. But you haven’t derive any idea of how many leads do you want. Which way do you want to promote via either paid or unpaid ads?
If you’d specify that minimum 10 leads are your target. You’d have a clear idea over how much effort is to input in which direction. You would’ve the crystal clear interpretation of what & how to leap to the success.

2. Measurable: Do you evaluate your doings? If yes, then how do you measure it?
These are the metrics that bridge the gap between your dreams and reality. For example, you have specified that you’d have to earn 100 likes per month on a Facebook post. You run a social media marketing campaign in India for achieving it. How would you determine whether or not you’ve succeeded?

It’s possible only when you’d observe thoroughly what you do. If you have set the target of 100 likes, you have to evaluate-is the target achieved? Is yes, then how to accelerate its pace? If no, then find where the loops are; what the cause is.
The thorough analysis & evaluation would reveal all INS & OUTS of your deeds.

3. Attainable: Can a small fish eat big fish? Can an ant fight duel with an elephant?
I’m not insane. By asking these questions, I want to raise an alarm. You must specify the objectives that are attainable. For instance, if you have set the target of 100 likes per day on a post, the Facebook or Google might suspect of a scam. Subsequently, it can penalize via Panda or Penguin algorithm.
In the nutshell, set the target that is attainable.

4. Relevant: Social media is a hub where a vast social community chat, shares and likes. Imagine you want to promote an education-based infographic on the Facebook. What if you would share it with the social community of doctors? Or, what if you’d air in the group of engineers?
Despite sharing & attaining likes, you won’t be able to catch on leads.
Reason: Sharing with an irrelevant group.
Although the recipients would be millions, they are the admirers, not the customers. This example illustrates that relevancy is a key factor. This is why Google emphasizes on LSI (the co-related keywords/phrases).

5. Timely: The specified timeline helps in achieving the milestone. Once the goal is foreseen, the challenges would also be determined. Thereby, you can set the settings towards the goal accordingly.

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