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This is a declamation of copyright policies for the usage of Eminenture Private Limited’s logos and trademark for Eminenture Tech. It is executable on those who are not abided by our trade mark policies & carry no letter of authority from us to use them in open market. Our trademarks are restricted to our company’s usage only and not for others in any possible way.


Our trademark policies assure that our eminent trademarks are reliable self-evidences of the display sources, genuine quality and security. The website’s trademarks, logos, images and other materials actually are the subject matter of Eminenture Tech only. These laws protect improper usage of these & keep our logos & slogans restricted from imitation. Online users, other than Eminenture Pvt. Ltd., are prohibited to use the similar trademarks at second level domains.

Prohibited Use:

In order to discard any possibility of duplication of sponsorship, affiliation or endorsement as ours, we prohibit you in doing so. Strictly follow the ‘no imitation’ rule as these trademarks are subdued to our company, product & services’ name. Creating confusing similar kind of resemblance with bit of variations in your company’s products or service’ name is prohibitory.


Usage of Eminenture Tech’s logo under any circumstances is disallowed, if you haven’t taken prior consent from us.

Trade Dress:

Imitation of our trade dress, type style & logos will be subjected to infringement of our trademark policy. Bannering your logo under Eminenture Tech’s products & name in different style is disallowed & liable for infringement.


Integration or modification is not permitted on products, fashion wears or any service in the market. We restrict endorsement and sponsorship to a third party product or service at Eminenture Tech.

Where do we use our trademarks?

  • For our publication’s distribution globally, including India.
  • On social media & other professional sites for marking our presence.
  • Offering our clients unique & better mechanisms inspired from our premier knowledge for trekking to the peak of success in business.
  • Reckoning our quality services as excellent by our clients and customers.
  • Getting recognition amidst flocking websites.
Copyright Law:

These terms and conditions surrender reproduction under copyright notice. A party will found guilty if violate company trademarks policy or use copyrighted materials on another source(s) other than sources of Eminenture tech. Your crime shall be prosecutable under international copyright law.

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