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Frequently Asked Questions

You can confirm your queries with our customer support executives. You can also refer to them, in case, if you want to get problem resolved.

Company Information

Eminenture Technologies is the unit of the Eminenture pvt. Ltd. Eminenture Technologies capitalizes over providing an exhaustive range of technology solutions. The motive is to educate our client with power of internet and sweeping websites. It is efficiently serviceable for Internet Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and Website designing & development. Our attitude is inclined towards sowing a favorable perspective for a wide use of websites and internet as a part of business endorsement strategies. In the era of Google and Facebook, we have developed a clear understanding of a customer’s needs to cut through the hard core competition. In their efforts to enhance the business worth among their competitors, we offer them the development and designing of a trendy and optimized website.

Why should we hire Eminenture-Tech?

There are several reasons but here are seven good ones.

  • We build powerful and user-friendly websites
  • We emphasize on simplicity
  • We’re affordable
  • We love our clients
  • We’re honest
  • We provide multiple services along with web design
  • You’re the boss

How does the website building process works?

  • Free consultation: Call us at +91-11-470-93-787 or +91-958-225-9862 for free consultation between 9 AM to 6:30 PM for or send us a mail at askus@eminenture.com and we’ll be happy to consult you.
  • Develop required documents: Eminenture Technologies will submit a formal proposal that comprehensively describes the website we will build, and provides an exact cost, outline and schedule. We’ll outline each section of the site and most importantly — describe the functionality and interactivity of the website with exact details. Once we both are happy with the terms and condition, we start off the project.
  • Establish the project plan: After agreeing on the terms and condition, we make a strategy. We could do that with a face-to- face meeting, via email, via phone call or video conferencing.
  • Design of mock website: After the meeting and planning for a website, we will build a custom website based on your input and after that we work according to your input and desire.
  • Final website: Once you like the mock website, we develop the website using various tools like PHP, JavaScript, HTML, CSS etc.

and when you will be satisfied with the design and development of the website. We launch the website.

How much does a website cost?

It is the most important and frequently asked question. Since, all the websites have different design, intent and functionality, we provide cost to you after discussing your need. But you don’t need to worry. Our prices are affordable and quality is excellent. Feel free to contact us

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