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Cancellation Policy

We at Eminenture Tech understand the nature of the business and under any circumstance that requires you to cancel the SEO Services that you have opted for, we shall entertain the request, but only if it is made within the first 24 hours of opting for the service. Any expense incurred on our part regarding supporting or delivering the service which the client has opted for shall be calculated and the remaining amount will be duly refunded – no questions asked. However, once we cross the 24 hours limit, no such requests of cancellation can be entertained.

Cancellation Process

Since the nature of cancellation is quite critical, we would require our clients to give us a warning call, and follow it up with a formal mail soliciting cancellations. Any sort of written communication needs to be approved from any of the representatives at Eminenture Tech, in order for it be valid. Hence, we advice a call and mail or text follow up.

When is Cancellation Null and Void?

As mentioned above, once we reach the initial 24 hours limit, the cancellation of any sorts would be null and void. You still have the right to terminate the services, but we shall no longer be liable to refund any amount.


Please note that upon successful cancellation, the amount paid shall be delivered within the next 30-45 days, depending on how further we have invested the amount in growing our own business and services. We promise to provide you with a complete refund of your money, however we would require the aforementioned period of time, in order to ensure that the business at our end does not suffer.

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