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First Impression of Google Payment App ‘Tez’ in India

Giant search engine ‘Google’ has recently joined the league of payment apps developers. With it, the search giant is all set to take on other strong competitors, like BHIM, Freecharge, PayTM, Pay, Mobikwik and many more. Now, it’s going to be a tough battle in the e-Payment market.

India is moving towards the cashless market. Google has kept this fact into account while developing a unique app. Several extra-ordinary features are integrated to add a cutting edge to it.

Do you want to know how it is unique?

Let’s catch the roundup of its features:

  1. UPI interface:

With the embedded UPI feature, Tez is able to hide the unique and sensitive bank details. Actually, Virtual Payment Address (VPA) makes it happen. The user can pay without availing his/her sensitive debit or credit card details due to the UPI. More than 50 Indian banks are connected to it.  It does not stack money in the wallet. You can directly pay via it.

  1. Cash mode available:

Unlike other apps, the payment via Tez enables you to transact without exchanging your sensitive bank details or phone number. Google app developers have configured Audio QR technology into it. It is similar to the visual QR code.

You can bring two phones closer. Tap pay or request. The next action will ask to feed UPI PIN. This is how the payment from one bank will go to another one in a wink.

  1. Support multiple languages:

India is the land of multilingual people. While developing this app, the diversity of languages is kept in view. This is why it is capable of supporting English, Hindi, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Tamil, Marathi and Telugu languages.   

  1. Secure access:

Data hacking is pervasive today. To combat it, fingerprint and PIN IS support the accessibility of this app. This is how it gifts invulnerability to the personal transactions, messages and apps.

  1. TezShied for robust security:

It has efficacies to fight the threatening vulnerability of cyber spies. The special feature named as TezShield stays active by detecting fraud 24X7. It keeps all the transactions under the envelope of robust UPI PIN. The virtual payment address doesn’t reveal the actual sensitive details. Resultantly, cyber-attacks fail to harm.

Another layer of security is formed through Google PIN or screen lock methods, like fingerprint scanning. This is how the dual layer of security doesn’t let the cyber spies win.

  1. Availability on Android as well as Apple app store:

Whether you have an android or an iPhone, you can download it in a jiffy from the app store managed by Google & Android.

  1. Multiple platforms support:

Today’s digital platform is widespread. It’s the need of the hour. So, you can use it to transact with Red Bus, PVR, Dish TV, Domino’s and Jet Airways.

  1. Tailor the app for business transactions:

The coolest of all features is its capacity to be customized. The businesses can tailor it according to their preferences. There is no need to install the app. It is capable of transferring funds.

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