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Easy SEO Hacks for Assured Top Rank In 2017

Top ranking in the Google is not like an overnight play. Thorough analysis after intense brainstorming pillars it. However, thousands of SEO experts keep playing with their expert tricks for months. Thence, their efforts begin to pay off.
Here in this blog, we will let you explore the simplest yet very effective SEO tricks that will prove a rank-brewer in 2017. Let us begin with some value-added tips for boosting up your website ranking.

1. Keyword Research: Google or any other search engine bots trace the keys. They supply the context of the content. We determine them as keywords. It can be any bunch of words or phrases. You can’t make any phrase as a keyword. It should be searchable. It means that you ought to find the phrase that your target audience puts in a search, let’s say, ‘Online Shopping’ or ‘Easy Recipes ’. These two keywords have about 54,60,00,000 and 10,30,00,000 searches respectively which means they are searchable.

You ought to emphasize on the searches count. It lets you speculate the most searchable keyword.

Or, you can use any free or paid keyword finder tool, like keywordtool.io or any other one. Get the idea of keywords. Put into the search bar. If you find the figure of searches just below the search bar in millions or billions, that phrase will be your cup of tea.

2. Domain Authority: An incoming link from a particular domain defines its domain authority. Won’t you be searching for the brand and its value before buying a car? Domain authority is like a brand whereby the juiciest links come. Obviously, the incoming links would be contextual & highly relevant if they are linked to high domain authority.
Compare ‘www.forbes.com’ with any unidentified ‘www.xyz.com’. Obviously, the former would have more domain authority and so would be its traffic.

3. Page Rank: It’s the quality and quantity metric of the web page. How many pages are linked to a webpage; how many of them define quality-these are the page rank evaluators.
Google bots determine the link as well as their quality before ranking it.
Wondering about which quality am I talking here?
Well, it’s just the contextual informative data that is linked. They are the signals to allot a rank. Google Penguin is the caretaker of this hack. It frequently keeps vigil and sifts through the quality links. For example, a link of digital marketing package with https://www.mcdonaldsindia.com would disqualify the quality test. Both belong to different arenas. Mcdonalds is a pizza-giant where food or eatables site would be relevant to link up. The traffic here searches the eatables but does not look for the digital packages. Therefore, this link will never be a juice link.

4. Interlink: The inbound links must be relevant to the linked web page. They signal the search engines to tap and track the webpages that are interlinked. It has been one of the greatest SEO tips and will rule in 2017 as well.
Let’s say, an eCommerce website has western dresses for females in a menu. It is further segregated under jeans, T-shirts, tops, dresses, jegging and so on. The interlinking should be done in such a way that the user would love to navigate through one page to another. And the main-point to consider is the natural link-building. You can connect any inbound link to out-bound post. Thereby, the incoming traffic would navigate through one after another webpage.

5. Link Position: The link-position is equally important as the linking. If it’s in the beginning, the user can anticipate your promotional intentions. The body part is an ideal place for the link. But if it’s the footer where you have put the link while thinking that the user will click it, you’re at mistake. It will push you into 50-50 chance wherein users may or may not tap.
And who knows, he/she would switch away before coming to the leg of the content!

6. Embed natural anchor text:  Anchor text is the hyperlinked phrase that is built naturally. Any attempt of making it generic would look promotional & spammy. The search engine uses it as an anchor to rank.
You can use one keyword as an anchor. But try to mold it in different ways. Let’s say, simple data hacks is the phrase used thrice as the anchor. When you target it again, change it. It can be simple hacks for data or easy hack about data. Always try to play with the brain. Integrate the changed phrase. Google will surely take it as the natural. Remember, it always maps what you use as the anchor text.
So, always be natural while anchoring any text or phrase.

7. Content marketing: A blog or an article is just a post. It’s true that it can integrate thousands of links. But just a piece of writing is not enough to snatch eyeballs. You have to employ innovation. Long articles look so boring. Although they may be informative yet it’s long.
Try to trim its length by adding creativity. Add charts, pictures and info-graphics. Sharp and crispy pictorial content will strike attention easily.

8. LSI Keyword: Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) are helpers of Google. They tell what the web page is all about.
Let’s say:
Want Aquaculture Worker-It’s an Ad. How does the Google know if it’s about aqua-farming? Actually, its bots walk through the landing page. Skim through the content. Find the co-citations, like a pond, marine, fish, and so on. Then, the search engine categorises it under its niche.
Otherwise, this title can be a movie or the name of any game.
You can use the other keywords in the SERPs. Those should be of the same niche (topic). Add them on the landing page. And you’ll be done!

9. Outbound links: These are the juice links coming from the external blogs or websites.
Don’t miss this opportunity. You can link up with millions of new users. Create a good post. Stuff it with valuable information. Mix up some pictorial assets. Google will rank it as a quality link. It’s a bonus if you add up one out-bound link over every 1000 words. The backlinks would get better traffic. And ranking will jump up automatically.

10. Multimedia Embedding: Do you want to reduce bounce rate of the webpage? Despite being effective, traffic rejects your informative content.
Reason: It’s outdated look. Yep! Just change it. Get it in the new form. Get a collection of still images. Cut short the information. Mix it up with the pictures. And create a video. Online free infographic sites, like Canva, are there to help you. Or, you can create a PowerPoint presentation. Unify it with the tag: DON’T MISS WATCHING IT. The traffic will love to stay at that post.
In the nutshell, multimedia integration is a win-win situation.

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